I decided to do a yoga session called Finding Your Divine Feminine. It’s Monday, today is as good a day as any to find that. I didn’t really realize it was lost.

Here’s the thing. A few weeks ago Sir Husband and I went to an intimate talk given by my favorite women’s health pioneer, Dr. Christiane Northrup. I was so excited to see her, it was on my bucket list. She only lives down the road, but she’s still a celebrity. Her circuit these days is about her latest book, Goddesses Never Age, a truly insightful book about how women can live their lives differently at any age to experience a healthy and happy life, and be the best they can be. But this gathering was about living agelessly, and it was filled with gender-neutral information until she mentioned the Divine Feminine.

There were only a few men in the room, most of them related to her in some way, family and her personal trainer-type healers. But Sir Husband listened intently, his support of my endeavor to feel better on every level is unending. So when Dr. Northrup, in her dynamic, inspiring way told all the women in the room they needed to find their G-spots, well, it was interesting. Sir Husband, of course, was in total agreement with her.

Her point was, that women’s Divine Feminine is related to our source of power located in the second chakra, housing our G-spot. Chakras are energy centers in our bodies, that help interpret and define how we live our lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are seven, aligned with our spinal column, beginning at the pelvis – our roots, and ending at the crown of our heads – connecting us to Divine intelligence and grace. These invisible energy centers are our vital life force keeping us healthy, vibrant, and alive.

Well Sir Husband was fascinated. I am already a student of this Indian school of yoga and meditation, but not of finding my G-spot. So when I tried a yoga session about finding my Divine Feminine, I was a little nervous.

It began in a comfortable seated position with a lovely breathing meditation for women, focusing on the heart center and the feeling of self-love. Women do not typically reserve much love for themselves, but instead give it away to those around them. So the next few minutes were spent doing soothing stretches to release tension, open up the long muscles of the body, heart-opening stretches from shoulder to pelvis, and even self-massage. I was a little hesitant. But guided self-massage along arms and legs, shoulders and belly, was perfectly acceptable. Turns out, an hour of Divine Feminine yoga was just what the doctor ordered.

No….no G-spots were involved. But an opportunity to truly focus on myself, be kind to my body, and think about the importance of remembering who I really am – roles and identities put aside for just a few minutes – was divine. I am realizing how easy it is to forget who I am at the core. My essence. My values. My personal desires, my passions, and my purpose. We are worthy of recognizing and pursuing what fuels our hearts and drives meaning in our lives. It is easy to get lost in the identities we think we have, the roles we take on, and the responsibility of those around us. But it’s surprisingly easy, if we think about it, to remember who we are at our core.

Dr. Northrup said her family’s motto is, “Healthy, happy, dead.” Living happily and healthfully until we die, apparently is our birthright. But it’s so easy to disconnect from that. Until you find your Divine essence. And your G-spot.

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