Insight is invaluable. And there’s nothing like stepping away from your environment for a few days to refresh your perspective. Especially when you want to make some kind of sense of out of the things, or people you are connected to.

How easy it is to automatically focus on the workings of each day, and not the workings of those who are in our day. So taking a look into the window of our world, and identifying ourselves in the context of our lives on any given day, is a good way to exercise our insight. Which can always use some exercise.

So for fun – and you can try this at home – in the spirit of exercising our current perspective on the people in our daily lives, we review. No judgement here, just a few harmless labels. And as always, life is fluid, people change. But for now, we are who we are.

I’ll go first.

The Sharer.

People often ask me why I am so open with information about myself and my life. I was never sure, thought maybe it was a personality trait. Maybe it is. But I finally realized it’s the way of interacting in the world that makes sense to me. I grew up in a family where secrets and lies were the m.o. Not going to lie, it’s still like that to this day. Some people just prefer to be secretive. But it pretty much eliminates trust with the people you are supposed to trust the most. So I share, at my own risk. Sharer beware? Perhaps. But I’m going to be me.

The Contrarian.

One of the children is too smart for his own good. By smart I mean academic smart. Off the chart smart. Not sure where it came from, doesn’t matter. What matters is that he opts to argue with everything that anyone says, does, or thinks. We can’t teach him anything, he’s not interested, unless it’s Google-generated. This can work in his favor, like when he knew he needed emergency surgery based on a symptom he had that I thought would pass. He did need it, and I was wrong. And as hard as it is to parent a contrarian, we salute him. He is going to be him.

The Independent.

Another of the children has such an old soul that we are in awe of his wisdom. I don’t mean book smart, I mean true Divine wisdom that only someone who has been around many lifetimes comes to develop. But, it feeds his independence like an IV bag of “I got this. Don’t worry. Let me do it. I know what I’m doing.” Not much we can do or say with this one, beyond the support of his inner workings. With his insistence of “hands off,”  parenting is pretty much over. But he is who he is and we honor him.

The Wild Card.

This child keeps us on a roller coaster ride from the funniest highs through the scariest dips and back again. We never know on any given day where his day will lead. It’s like watching a tight rope walker walk across a rope blindfolded – intense and exciting. He has a determination to live a full life, with quite a sense of humor. Searching for all the answers, he sometimes opens door number three as the rest of us wait a little breathless wondering what’s behind it. We respect him, he is himself.

The Knight. 

Seasoned, sensible and supportive, Sir Husband is almost too kind for his own good, puts aside his own needs as needed and adapts to the world around him. At the end of the day he just wants peace, love, and a good glass of wine. Brimming with creativity, he has a restless need to explore humanity, and offer his perspective so that others might see something they haven’t before. I’m biased here so won’t keep going, let’s just say that he’s a man of great courage and honor to me and to many. Lucky to know him, he is something.

Ok now you try it if you want, and see what you see about those in your life. Then watch your world, your perspective, and your environment change. Insight is invaluable.

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