Got 30 seconds? Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Feel your feet on the floor, right here, right now. Feel grounded?

The words “get more grounded” have been grounded into my head so many times over the last fifteen years through yoga, you would think I could do it with my eyes closed. I can, but only when I’m standing on my yoga mat. Even then, I may drift in and out of the here and now, as my mind goes wherever it feels like going, my sense of centered, calm groundedness going with it.

We all have a primal need to feel grounded, like we are standing and living on solid ground. We trust it, we know it will hold us up, we believe in its stability, its safety, we don’t even want to think about it. But feeling grounded isn’t always easy. Events and our environment in the present can remove that feeling of security. The world around us right now is a pretty clear example, feeling safe and stable takes some effort.

I came to question my groundedness recently as I realized other than the anchored love of Sir Husband, my own life seems to fluctuate in grand evolution between players and circumstances. Looking back, it always has. And I’d like to stay grounded in spite of it.

I don’t think I’m alone. Who doesn’t want to feel solid in the here and now no matter what else is going on? Turns out learning to feel grounded is formed early and nurtured, sort of becoming our personal foundation. Just like peace and happiness, our sense of stability comes from within.

Of course life ebbs and flows, so an extended tilt in one direction or the other can influence our inner landscape. Feeling grounded in the present is easily lost in the past or the future.This begs the question, how do we “get more grounded” when the foundation constantly shifts? And since feeling grounded is a feeling, what would that really mean?

A few words come to mind…safe and supported, confident and empowered, trusting in life as it presents itself. Not as simple as it seems, we’re back to that old ebb and flow. I’m not sure I ever really learned the feeling of being grounded, starting from my earliest roots. Trust and safety were more about fear and survival, so my foundation is a little bit chipped.

But that doesn’t make it impossible to stand on more solid ground right here and right now. In fact, there’s no need for a yoga mat. I’ll close eyes, feel my feet on the floor, take a deep breath and re-build…I’ve got 30 seconds and then some.

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