I did my yoga yesterday next to a dead ladybug. I didn’t have my glasses on and it looked like a pink fuzzy next to my mat, so I picked it up and realized it wasn’t a fuzzy, but a deceased and fading little bug. I put it back next to my mat right where it was, in some sort of honorable respect for its existence in that moment.

Pink Lady Bug_thumb[39]A few minutes later, I realized there was another pink ladybug only a couple of feet away, wedged into the baseboard like a hard spec. The cats must have played too rough with these special creatures, who are purported to bring good luck.

A tiny member of the beetle family, this speckle-covered flying bug is interesting in its depiction. Thought to bring good luck, happiness and fulfill wishes, its folklore tells of its special linkage to spiritual enlightenment, renewal and protection. The latter trait was quite important to me as I tried to yoga with a broken toe. Not much keeps me off my mat, even when I broke it in downward dog.

I kept my eye on that sweet little creature on the day of hearts and love. I was already feeling quite lucky, married to my soulmate husband after a long and arduous path. I wondered what the message was, these lady luck signs in the house on the coldest of winter days. I didn’t know they lived in winter, come to find out they hibernate inside. I felt bad that my cats had killed them, did this mean my luck would go bad?

I always remain hopeful, no matter how hard some days get. But I’m here to proclaim it’s not just our outlook that makes or breaks our day. Sometimes it’s our circumstances in spite of ourselves that determine our fortune and fate. Look at these fragile symbols on my floor, I’m sure their intentions were nothing but pure. Their poor little world was unsafe and by no fault of their own. Circumstances matter as we move through our lives, even when we have wings to fly. blue flower ladybug

Sir Husband and I always recognize the fragility of life and love. We take nothing for granted and honor our union literally each and every day. We’ve gained an undeniably stirring love together, and lost so much along the way. So we pay attention to the little things – like the number of spots on a ladybug’s back, its colors, its feel, the uniqueness – and we find deep meaning in that.

Interesting that a tiny bug could bring so much thought to life in the wake of its sad death. As I carefully flowed from pose-to-pose next to its very still, pretty pink shell, I realized it had done its job. The reminders of happiness, of dreams, and wishes come true…of renewal, of wisdom, and love are all part of my inner garden, and not just on Valentine’s Day.

In Switzerland the word for ladybug translates to God’s little fairy, now the most special bug to me.

ladybug heart


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