Do you ever open your closet and see that one thing hanging there that you love, but is so old and beat up that you hesitate to put it on even though it is the most comfortable thing you own?

I have this fuzzy-fleecey zip-up sweatshirt with a missing zipper-pull and a torn hood that is so soft it’s like wearing a plush toy. But I can’t wear it in public because it’s hard on the eyes.

yoga pantsI actually have a few comfortable things that I live in – yoga pants, stretchy jeans, and my decade-old, full-of-holes, black Calvin Klein sleep pants that make my family cringe. I kind-of don’t care, because honestly why do they? It’s not like I don’t take fashion into consideration, even when wearing my old rags. I am always showered, hair brushed, jewelry on, everything matches, and I even wear tall chic, clunky-heeled shoes – frumpy outfits don’t look that frumpy when you dial up the accessories.

But this sweatshirt is getting hard to disguise. I’m not even sure why I bought it, it’s like nothing else I own.

nordstromOne day forever ago I was cruising the junior department at Nordstrom. I’m talking rackabout the real store not their outlet Rack. Although I’m not a junior and have three kids, I could still wear some junior-sized clothes then, a trait I’ve since outgrown. But I really perused that department because it was the only section I could afford if there were things on sale.

I liked to pretend I can afford to shop there. Have you ever been to Nordstrom? Upscale, high-end boutique-type department store, where one time I saw a pair of underwear for $238.00. Oh wait, it was a see-through thong.

For a certain income bracket it’s a must-shop cornerstone mall store. But for the rest of us, unless you hit one of their half-yearly sales, we enter the land of pretend-we-can, and for a few minutes just live in that dream.

So as I walked around the junior department and looked at what might fit, I saw a couple of these plushy-fleece zip-up sweaters hanging all alone. It was the softest thing I had ever touched – or at least since having boys. When I tried it on it was all over. Although I generally only wear black, navy or pink, ivory was the last color in my size. But I just couldn’t resist it.josie

I seriously think I only paid $20 instead of $75 for this Josie-brand soft sweatshirt-type top. I don’t even know what Josie clothing is, but I know that I loved it so much that I searched for another one just like it, particularly one in black. But I would take any color, that’s how good it felt. I almost became obsessed. For years I looked online at every Josie retailer and could never find the same thing, or even one that was similar. There are haphazard moments when I will look now – hey old styles often circle back around.

Everybody’s got one thing – just one thing that they cherish without knowing why. It doesn’t even matter what it is – stretchy pants, a see-through thong, or a broken sweatshirt with some holes. Entering the land of pretend-we-can is a comfortable place to be.



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