subaru calmMuch to our surprise last weekend, we bought a new car. Zoom Zoom. Oh that’s Mazda. We bought a Subaru, and it’s been a long time coming. We had been putting off the purchase for a lot of years and reasons. Who really likes buying a car anyway? Unless you’ve got goo-gobs of money, it’s not a small investment. Plus the process can be draining.

jeepA few years ago when our life was a swirl of five kids with two teenagers, we desperately needed more wheels. We fluked into a close-out model Jeep that felt more like a steal, and drove it right off the lot. It was easy because it was cheap, and we had a long history with Jeep.

Subaru is a new brand for us, although we’ve had plenty of other kinds, including a Mazda Zoom Zoom. That too was a mindless transaction, because the price was so low. We got it on a program called CARS, or more commonly Cash For Clunkers. This Car Allowance Rebate System gave those of us who drove something eco-inefficient to trade up with a $4000 credit.

You just never know what will happen in life, and that includes with cars. Back in 2009 I wanted to ditch my old minivan but didn’t think I could. Then by some twist of fate the transmission blew, and CARS literally saved the day. Mazda towed away the minivan and I got a brand new car on the very last day of the program.15528byeMitch1 copy

That Zoom Zoom later went to college with our son so he could work to help pay his tuition. We had three cars but the boys took two, so I’ve been stranded without one for years – we’ve shared the aging Jeep.

We couldn’t really afford another vehicle with nothing to trade in. Boys under age 25 make insurance rates quite high, along with the overall expense of maintaining several cars. It can feel pretty overwhelming, so we delayed as long as we could.

When we decided to investigate, we weren’t sure what to buy, or if instead to lease. It’s not that cut and dry, there are a lot of options out there. I don’t mean just on financing, because what has happened to cars? Between a few years ago and the other day, the features have totally changed. Cars are so advanced now, they practically drive themselves.

I tend to be a simple girl who doesn’t need fancy to function, so we started by looking at a few basic used models. When we found one we thought would fit the bill we nearly fell off our seats – the price was three times higher than we ever paid before. Did the car market surge so much that buying a car is like buying a house?gift of the magi

Then the sales guy did it, he pulled magic out of his hat. I’d like to call it that, although it could have just been a trick up his sleeve. He handed us the keys to test drive a brand new car, and when I got in, that new car smell made me giddy and swoon. It fit like a glove – color, features and even the price we needed, as if it was the Magi’s gift.

The love I share with Sir Husband is the most priceless of all, but when he handed me the keys, that story became quite real. You just never know what will happen each day. Sharing the love, zoom zoom.





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