bloggersWhen I first started blogging a long time ago, blogging was relatively new. Now there are a zillion writers of all ages and lifestyles who blog about anything and everything. I peruse posts, gravitating toward a topic, a title, a handle – doesn’t matter – I check out whatever catches my eye.

But what I’m noticing is that people write blogs about regular life happenings without much reason or purpose. They write about kooky relatives or what they witnessed at Starbucks or their sex lives. They reveal all kinds of things without any interesting allegory, or deep philosophical meaning. They use words that would make their mothers gasp. I just read one of my favorite blogger’s posts that talked about farting and wedgies. I’m not going to lie – I wish I had that kind of gumption. To write the graphic details about someone fixing their wedgie at a wedding? Is that keeping it classy? Because it’s totally keeping it real.

SeinfeldI wonder how people write about basically nothing. I would love to write about nothing – like the old Seinfeld show and one of my forever favorites. People love reading about nothing, right? Short of saying I don’t want my life to be about nothing, much to my dismay I’m not sure how to write about nothing.

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What’s the goal? Am I the only blogger on a mission to evolve, grow, expand, learn, philosophize, ponder….care and share? Surely not. I write from my heart with a message. But does there have to be a message? Or is it about entertainment…wisdom not so much. And who’s reading? It’s a word-wide web after all.

FullSizeRenderI check out bloggers’ About Me sections, and scan their follower list. A lot of bloggers are millennials and have these massive followings – all their friends and their friends’ friends, the people they met in a bar last weekend. They are amazing at writing about nothing. But one common theme? Millennials have anxiety. I can attest to that – two of my three millennial offspring suffer from that themselves – although they don’t blog about it.

A lot of bloggers are young or seasoned moms who love writing about their kids, family life, the ups and downs of childbearing years and have massive followings from playgroups and mommy happy hour participants. Are they writing about nothing? Not per se, parenting will never be passé.

Then there are male writers who share manly adventures, or masculine woes, I’m not even sure who follows them, but they’ve got readers. Travel bloggers, health bloggers, money bloggers, religious bloggers, the list is endless. So back to my point about nothing.

I’ll try doing it right now ~

A couple times a week since we moved to our new place we hear what sounds like fireworks off in the distance. Well, we thought it was fireworks because we moved in Fourth of July week. But now we’re starting to wonder if it’s actually gunshots. That’s not out of the question, we are inches from the city. 

“This leafy suburb bordering a rough edge of Boston…” said the Boston Globe in an article George HWlast week. Yea it’s leafy – it’s like a wooded oasis of suburban quiet although urban – and apparently borders ‘rough.’ This little berg, population 27,000, is affluent (not gonna lie,) frequents the top 10 list of best places to live in the U.S., is the site of the first chocolate factory (Baker,) and a little known fact – the birthplace of former President George H.W. Bush. Wow. 

(How am I doing on writing about nothing so far.)

What about the gunshots? It’s usually just as we doze off near the 11th hour when the pop-pop-pop happens. At first Sir Husband paused, got out of bed and carefully went to the window (don’t want to be near a window when gunshots are going off.) But now we half-wake up and wait a minute to see if we hear sirens or more shots, ensure they don’t get louder, then roll over and go back to sleep.

We’re not worried, honestly. It’s nothing.

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