I was deep in that just-before-the-alarm-or-even-the-sunrise sleep when Sir Husband gently put his hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. I didn’t open my eyes but smelled his manly-clean scent.

“The dishwasher soap dispenser didn’t open so I’m running the dishes again.”

cat-napNow my eyes were open. Really? It’s a brand new dishwasher. Come on. He gets up an hour before I do to leave ahead of rush-hour traffic so he was ready to go.

The morning before he had put away the dishes not realizing the soap dispenser hadn’t triggered. Eeew. That means the dishes we used all that day were dirty. For a germaphobe this is a pretty big deal. So Sir Husband’s sweet whisper at the break of dawn was important to know.

However, I think there is something to that whole getting up on the wrong side of the bed thing. Because although I technically didn’t, the now running dishwasher included my coffee pot which threw off my whole morning routine. Everything from feeding the cats to making a pre-school hot breakfast for my hungry teenager went awry, causing us somehow to run late, then hit traffic and panic he would miss the first bell…not to mention there was no coffee brewed.


He wasn’t late, and when I got home I sighed with relief, while impatiently waited for the dishwasher cycle to rinse so I could pull out the coffee pot. But within minutes the day took an even more calamitous turn. It started with an email credit monitoring alert that did not pertain to me, but somehow landed on my account. I spent the next four hours trying to resolve it, while juggling everything in between – a telephone interview for a job, support for a friend in crisis, assistance for my kid, nearly breaking another toe on a precariously placed stool. Not to mention the cream for my coffee had apparently gone bad overnight.

cinderellaWe all have days like this. One blip leads to the next to the next to the next and we think how great our cat’s life is when we see her all curled up dozing peacefully on the bed. Isn’t it amazing how one trip up in a morning routine can change the face of an entire day? Even when we think we’ve got things under control, in all actuality we don’t. It was clear I had lost control of this day so I just sat back for the rest of the ride. That ride of course was along the street called, “when will this day ever end?!”

bad-dayIn spite of my insistence that the dishwasher soap dish not opening was not the cause of a downward spiral into a calamity of errors, I had to wonder. Is it possible we get into a vortex of mishaps when we wake up with some grrrr, hence those old phrases like “getting up on the wrong side of the bed”? Does the grrrr translate into more grrrr, or was it simply a domino from falling out of a habitual morning routine that threw my day’s equilibrium off?

But that’s the beauty of a day like that – and yes there is beauty there – because it helps us appreciate those doldrum days that get lost in everyday life. Those days that offer hot coffee with sweet cream upon a soft sunrise, light traffic, easygoing emails and truly clean dishes. That’s really what life is all about, I think I’ll pay more attention.


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