We all have magic wand moments. Mine was when I took a leap of faith years ago and decided to share my windswept fairy tale with the world.

It began with one husband, three boys, and a whole lot of trauma, and continues with another husband, five children, and a whole lot of love.

My story is about living and loving fully and freely even after being knocked down by life over and over. I have survived a heck of a lot and lived to tell about it…and sometimes even laugh about it…when I’m not still fending off the dragons of my past, and my present.

I’m a survivor of many things….I am passionate, sensitive, kind, real, organized, strong, and deeply soulful…..I enjoy everything Boston, the ocean, walking on long beaches, yoga, cycling, kayaking, exploring cities, jazz, history, and PBS….and I madly love my husband and children.

I hope you enjoy just a little bit of what a real fairy tale looks like. My magic wand has been on backorder for years, but hey, at least I got free shipping.

Note:  Please feel free to share my blog and posts to spread the love and healing!

Contact me:  Inspired@whatfairytale.com

website: deborahblackwell.com, twitter: @DebBlackwell24, instagram: deborahlblackwell

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5 comments on “About”

  1. Wow!
    it is actually scary how you and I are so similar. We almost could’ve been seperated at birth. We have all the same interests and obsessions.
    I LOVE THE BLOG IT IS SO WELL WRITTEN. KEEP IT UP. I know there is a true writer lurking inside you

  2. I love your fairy tale metaphor. I live my life by thinking about it as a never ending collection of stories, with new ones every day. Thanks for the excellent blog!

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