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Searching For a Miracle and A Dog Named Dug

With all due respect to dogs, I’m totally a cat lady. I love cats. I can’t help it, I feel connected to them. But I also have quite a soft spot for most all animals. Both wise and helpful to their humans, animals are special.

And they’re also somewhat dependent on us. Which is why I kicked into gear for a dog named Dug. Dug, a black Labrador retriever, is our neighbor. We don’t know him, or his human family. But last week, that didn’t matter.

I was just getting ready to leave when I thought a bomb went off in my front yard. BOOM – car alarms blaring – people screaming. I have never heard that sequence of sounds in real life, and didn’t know what was happening beyond noticing a speeding parade of first responders appearing out of nowhere, zooming down my street.

We live inches from Boston’s city line, although inside a woodsy oasis of urban conservation land. It’s still the city, where scary things we try to ignore happen every day. But bombs going off? I was nervous, I couldn’t see beyond our tree-lined property and wondered if the BOOM came from the small private college across the street.

In spite of searching for any breaking news, it took hours before we learned what happened. An 18-wheeler had taken out a car, throwing both its driver and a dog into the road. Although the hit shredded the car, the driver was miraculously ok. The ambulance took her to the hospital, but the dog…where was Dug?

Neighbors, the police, animal rescue – we all searched for a dog we didn’t know, dredging through the muddy woods running alongside the busy road, batting away mosquitoes, removing brush and woodsy debris along the way. But nothing.

Was he injured? Dead? Lost? They said it would be a miracle if he had survived. My heart was breaking.

So I dug deep and tried to conjure up my best psychic abilities. We’ve all got intuition – surely I could locate Dug. I tried, without success, until dusk. So I gave my phone number to the police and neighbors, and tried to let it go. If only I could.

After dinner I stepped outside to shake out my kitchen rug, and that’s when I heard it – barking, loud, big-dog barking coming from the woods behind our house. Sir Husband quickly ran into the woods with our neighbor. The two of them called and called, hoping it was Dug.

As I stood at the edge of the woods trying hard to wait, my cell phone rang.

“We have Dug! He just came home,” said the unknown woman from the accident. “I don’t know how he got here but your search must have somehow directed him home, and he seems just fine. Thank you so much, thank you.”

I’d say maybe that was a miracle.

Everything is connected. Everything.





This Lost And Found Experience Revealed More Than I Thought

dentistNot many people clap and gasp with glee when they are walking by their dentist’s office. But I did. Why? Because I had completely forgotten who my dentist was after leaving town 14 years ago. For the last five months since moving home I have wracked my brain trying to remember and had all but given up. Then there it was. The office door with her name on a big sign, right next to the little neighborhood pub where Sir Husband and I stopped in for a glass of wine last Saturday afternoon.

Stress-induced amnesia will do that – leave gaps in your memory that feel like lost pages in a storybook. My kids say, “Don’t you remember  fill in the blank  Mom?” all the time. <sigh> No. I wish. Clinicians have called it a gift – my lack of memory. Maybe. Finding my dentist did feel like a little miracle. I’ve had a lot of miracle moments since moving home actually – sometimes the Universe does provide, especially when we aren’t looking.

I called the dentist as soon as they opened on Monday morning and lo and behold – they had a cancellation for the next day. It was meant to be. Most days there are so many reasons to be grateful, to see-hear-feel the good, but oddly we usually don’t. How does that happen? It’s there – gratitude – it’s everywhere. Even unexpectedly at the dentist.


“So what happened?” my dentist said to me after giving me a hug and welcoming me back as I got comfortable in the reclining chair.

“Oh,..well…a lot…” I said. “It’s a long story.”

“No really, what happened?” She wheeled her rolling chair back a few inches, put down her arms and looked me square in the eye.

I was trapped. I had to tell her.

My past “story” the one that created the amnesia to begin with is not one I tell anymore. It’s over, and I have spent every, single day trying to heal. Repeating it just makes it come alive again – emotionally and physically – so why tell it? But I had to, she wouldn’t hear otherwise, and she seemed to genuinely care.

see-goodA few sentences in her face and eyes softened into compassion and concern. “I’m so sorry,” she said, wheeling herself back toward my head. “So sorry.”

Never in my life had I been so grateful to be lying there with my mouth open unable to say any more. And while she probed around my teeth, I felt something huge. Relief. At that moment – after I recounted the last horrific several years of my life – I realized I had healed. Okay yea, newly healed, freshly healed, like a delicate pink scar – but I recognized it. It was another miracle.

I had fought so hard for so long that I didn’t even realize that I was fighting my way through something. Truth Bomb guru Danielle LaPorte said this, “….When we’re hauling our psyche up to the next peak of clarity—isn’t healing always really f***ing messy? Do we not become unrecognizable while we are reassembling our identities?” It’s definitely a power moment when we realize chaos has morphed into comfort. “This is what healing looks like.”

That and my teeth apparently are“perfect.”  All in all, not a bad day at the dentist.


PS ~ All new blog coming early next year! Change is good! 

This Move Nearly Killed Us, But Hooray! We’re Finally Home

It doesn’t matter how many times you have moved, each time it reveals a unique blend of mystery, mayhem and occasionally miracles. My vote? Don’t move unless absolutely necessary, it might just about kill you.

For six exhaustingly long yet blink-of-an-eye short weeks, our lives were upside down. A little like immigrants of a past era, Sir Husband went ahead to our new home in Boston and worked his new job while I stayed in Maine managing the house sale, the packing, organizing, shifting, lifting, removing and eliminating of our stuff. He came home each Friday night for the weekend, then trekked back on Sundays with a Jeep full of boxes. It IMG_2840wasn’t easy for either of us.

Finally when the big day came, we loaded the UHaul, teenager and two cats, and turned the page. We thought.

I’ll skip over the part about what it felt like to walk into our new home too tired to really see it, function or breathe. Or the part about movers arriving at the crack of dawn the next day to unload our truck, and the furniture didn’t fit up the tight staircase so we had to saw the bannister out. Or how we tried to direct them where each box and piece of furniture went knowing they were not really listening, later finding our underwear drawers in the kitchen, our dishes next to the bed, and our cat stuck under the furnace.

FullSizeRender-1   moving    IMG_0201

But we managed. Three days later and in so much physical pain because honestly we are too old to keep doing this, we drove back to Maine to pass papers on our house. We opted to sign a day ahead of the buyer due to conflicting schedules, took care of business, sighed a breath of relief, and headed back to Boston.

An hour later we got the call.

Our house – that had been sitting empty and closed for four days – was filled with gas to such dangerous levels the firefighting hazmat team was shocked it didn’t blow up. Allegedly there was a precarious leak at the stove that no one knew about until the buyer opened the door to do her final walk-through and smelled the gas. Not only could the house have been matchsticks within minutes according to the fire department, the leak may have been going on while we lived there and we didn’t know it because we kept the windows open.

We could have all been killed.

She bought the house anyway, as scheduled.

That’s more than one miracle.

The magnitude of the gas incident did not hit me until the next day. How do you wrap your brain around something like that? Especially removed from the situation. We were not allowed to go to the house since we had already signed the closing papers due to liability, so we heard it all through the real estate agent – her muddled play-by-play leaving us hanging and confused for hours.

But it’s over. All of it. Other pressing matters ensued after that – like my 31-lb Kitchen Aid mixer dropping on my leg when the box broke. You should see the bruises.

This was by far the hardest, most exhausting, most trying, nearly-debilitating and absolute best, happiest, exciting life-changing move for us ever. So, life goes on. Never, ever underestimate the meaning and miracle of that.


If You Believe In Moons And Miracles, Read This.


full moon


It’s that time again when we can dive into full moon bliss, and with a lunar eclipse to boot.

On Wednesday March 23, at about 7:47 a.m., a special lunar eclipse will offer us an open door to decision-making and change…endings and beginnings…discovery and shifts. It’s like resolution time, only with sparkly cosmic power behind it. That’s a miracle in the making.

Here’s how  ~

Let go of what is not serving your authentic, true self, or supporting your soulful purpose. (Habits, routines, people, food, jobs, relationships, defeatist thinking.)

Be truthful with yourself – about your aspirations, about who or what you want in your life, about what your heart needs to move forward.

Pay attention to your dreams and believe that what stands in the way is now removed, and your seeds are sewn.

Embrace change, even the uncomfortable tough stuff. Push through with courage, tune in deeply to your awareness, your environment, your life, and focus only on what brings happiness.

Dream big –  ask for Divine support, then trust the signs and shifts.

Or, simply enjoy the moon.

Fun moon facts for the science-minded:

  • The moon is made of iron, rock, magnesium, silicon, and oxygen and other cool stuff 
  • There’s no such thing as the dark side of the moon 
  • The moon is 238,855 miles from Earth
  • Apollo astronauts discovered moonquakes while on the moon
  • The Earth blocks sunlight during a lunar eclipse
  • The moon moves away from the Earth 1.6 inches per year 
  • The moon’s origin came after a Mars-sized object hit the Earth
  • The Earth’s rotation makes the moon rise
  • Pockmarks on the moon come from the lack of weathering to erode them 
  • This particular eclipse is called penumbral, when moon moves through the outer part of the Earth’s shadow 



I Opened the Door

It’s late. The full moon is hanging high outside the window, beaming brightly enough to light the room. We’ve watched it move in the sky a bit, first hanging low and so large it looked like a burning planet hovering just above the street lights. Now it’s softly shadowed by the tall trees in our backyard giving it just enough of a picturesque silhouette to frame it perfectly until it subtly moves again on its trajectory.

I’m writing in the moon glow after a long day of interesting happenings that re-confirmed my faith in life, after years of wondering if my out-of-control circumstances were leaving me in the dust.

“What a transitional day,” Sir Husband said as he took photos of the moon from the front porch.

I am exhausted from our day. So much energy was going out and coming in from all directions. Push push push…pull pull pull…run run run. Positive, but consuming nonetheless. Because just a few hours before that special moon rose, I took my own advice and changed my life. I gave my notice at the bookstore.

We are taught to follow our hearts, lead with our intuition, and trust that life always works out for the best. Some call that faith. Others call it luck. I call it my day.

I have been working for a long time on healing, on figuring out what I need to do, and who I need to be as I remake myself from a new and necessary perspective. We walk our paths and create our destinies, and learn by trial and error.

So as I shared with a friend today, I put my money where my mouth is and am living what I write about: hope, dreams, courage, strength, and a life in pursuit of bliss. It’s a big deal to quit a job, but I’m not doubting, I’m just doing what I know is right in my heart. I’m making room for all the goodness of what is right in my life, instead of putting up with what is wrong and therefore blocking the joy. It’s a scary leap but not really. I mean honestly it’s just a few hours a week at a bookstore.

No one deserves unhappiness in life, and no one can fix that but ourselves. Change is uncomfortable, but not as bad as living with daily despair. With change comes hope, with hope comes action, and with action comes joy.

Sir Husband is right along with me as we heal and grow together.  “Come out here and kiss me under this magical moon,” he said.

The full moon tonight was significant for two reasons. First, because it’s the second full moon in a month, and will not occur again until 2018. But second, because it was the first opportunity in a long time for the cosmos to work in our favor, if we believe in that. I do.

Within hours of giving my notice, career intentions came forth, seemingly out of nowhere. My phone rang off the hook. My email was on fire. And texts were pinging for hours. I was offered three freelance writing projects and a request to help edit a book. Ideas flowed into my head about what I needed to do, next steps, no fear, just inspiration.

All kinds of things opened up in my mind, and in my life. I got encouragement and a standing ovation for moving forward in my life from friends, from family, people I work with, and even strangers I met at dinner who heard us talking. And, in the quick hour Sir Husband and I took to catch our breath from the whirlwind of change, we found not one, but two pieces of deep blue sea glass on our special little beach- a rare and valued color. We took it as a sign.

I paused just now, and went outside with Sir Husband. We stood under the giant, beautiful moon and thought about the day. I rediscovered myself differently, still connected to the old, but opened up to the new. A wise woman told me that energy in our lives wants to flow, and it relies on us to guide it. Instead of shutting down when exhausted, or lost, or afraid, we must redirect it into renewal, creativity, and joy.

I decided to manifest a miracle today, the one that happens once in a blue moon.

Manifest a Blue Moon Miracle

It’s go time.  And we don’t even have to do anything except decide. Yes DECIDE.

This captivating and magical rare blue moon is giving us an open portal to manifestation, for whatever it is we are dreaming. Working towards. Thinking about. Desiring.

Maybe it’s closure of something, a relationship, a job, a lifestyle, an attitude. And with that closure comes an opening for something new. Because it’s when we decide to make change – and make it – even without all the answers, that is when miracles happen. No more excuses.

But let’s back up.

Perhaps you have noticed, or been part of turmoil, both in your own life and the world at large. These are changing times, a time when we as humanity start to awaken to a different side of ourselves, our spiritual side. Along with change comes chaos. We don’t know what to do with all of the messages or opportunities we have, that help us connect to ourselves as a vibrant and vital part of divinity. In other words, there’s more to life than our daily existence.

So how does the blue moon come into play? It’s simple astrology.

Full moons help us end situations. That old saying “once in a blue moon,” offers us the freedom we need to choose to make our lives better, however we want to make them. Literally.

We can listen to our hearts under the big, blue moon, and we can speak our truths, out loud. We can put pain and struggle and crises behind us, and move forward choosing what feels right. We can expand our empowerment, and not only believe in the goodness we so desire, but initiate it. And we can take an inventory and look at the big picture. Review the aspects of ourselves and our lives, and decide if they are keepers. If not, it’s time to make some decisions.

It’s not now or never, the blue moon will come again in January, 2018. But if you feel the nudging inside, or have had a wake up call, now is the time. Have a little trust, a little faith, in life, in the Universe, in yourself.  Sure it may seem strange, or scary, or even exhausting, and it’s ok to take some deep breaths and welcome the transition.  Do what works for you.

And if you think it’s all nonsense that’s fine. But at least take a look at the moon tonight. It’s a rare thing, this beautiful blue moon. It’s the second full moon in a month, and the dust in the atmosphere actually gives the moon a hue of blue. And while you’re looking at it, close your eyes and go all in. Even if you don’t believe, are you ready for a miracle?  It’s go time.

Some Things are Simply Meant to Be

Blessed be the miracles that happen for other people. That’s not to say it didn’t take a couple glasses of wine before Sir Husband and I came to grips with the miracles around us. They are not ours in this moment, but gave us an opportunity to ponder a lot of things.

Like the plight of each of us on the earth. Our struggles are all relative to ourselves. It’s hard to understand the lives of others unless we walk in their shoes. But outside perspective can be difficult, and leave a whole lot of room for interpretation. So when you witness what appears to be a miracle and you have no idea how that could have possibly even happened, your state of mind may flounder.

I’m not talking about the miracle of life or death, of illness and recovery, or survival from accidents. Death-defying miracles are amazing and unquestionable, somehow leaving us to respect the wonderment of life and forces greater than ourselves. I’m not even talking about every day miracles like winning something in a contest, finding the perfect parking spot, or even your teenager expressing some love for you. I’m talking about the scratch-your-head, what the bleep? kind of thing you hear about that makes you confused and lose a little faith in the world around you for a minute or two, or even three.

What constitutes a miracle? By definition it’s “an extraordinary event manifesting Divine intervention in human affairs. An extremely unusual event, surprising and not explicable by natural or scientific laws.”  Ok that explains it.

Miracles, when they happen to us, feel good and make us happy. But when we watch others receive the bounty of life without hard work or effort or toil, we wonder what we are doing wrong, especially when all we do is work and try and yes, even pray. It takes some focus to remember someone else’s seemingly undue good fate or even stroke of luck is not ours to understand, or to question, or to judge. We are all here for our own purpose, our lives driven by our destinies, and we hope for the best with all of our might.

And sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair.

This is where the blessing lies. We can take this opportunity to feel our own vexation, acknowledge it, even give it a hug. We must address our own inner struggle, or our pettiness or the discouragement in our own lives that would leave us to feel some disdain or perturbed,.

Then, we can see the good fortune for what it is, just that. It can inspire us to the possibilities, miraculous…or not. For miracles are in the eye of the beholder. And the rest of us just have to believe.

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