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There Really Isn’t A Magic Pill That Produces Perfect Health

This may go down for me as the year of getting well. That’s my optimistic way of saying since the flu shot or antibiotics or even Purell doesn’t always work, I must be building up my immunity. I’m now on round four of a plague that seems to cycle around bimonthly. I’m no stranger to the chronic infestation of the moment, or chronic anything really – it’s my middle name.

I shared that a couple years ago with a well-known and well-respected women’s health guru who then “prescribed” me some seriously top-shelf multi-vitamins and supplements that she swore would change my life – and I bought right in.

It only took a couple of years to learn that trying to keep up with the rich and famous is just dumb, because the top-dollar price of this magic “prescription” pretty much broke my bank. When you could buy a car with what you’ve spent on daily vitamins, you know it’s time to quit.

But what if I really need them? And how do I really know? I had a lot more energy and my hair and nails grew fast, so I assumed they truly worked. But a cure-all they are not, no matter who says they are. I still wrestle with the same old chronic health issues and seem to catch the nasty bugs in spite of their expensive claims.

So I headed on over to my local Whole Foods and checked out the alternatives. Even those at half-the-cost of the magical ones were just too much to spend. Why are vitamins so expensive? Is this a marketing craze because people are gobbling up the concept of special daily pills in search of perfect health?

I was. And I’m still on the fence. Some of the wisest people I know swear by a daily handful, but what do you do when you can’t afford what they say will make you well? “If you can’t afford to invest in your own health then you don’t really want to heal,” someone said.  Um, that could not be less true.

Life is just a balancing act. Sure it may be easier for those rolling in the dough, but I don’t knock that abundance isn’t always about dollars in the bank. Although when I saw my checking account balance the other day I flashed right back to college…it gave new meaning to the words “lean years.”

So I’m rethinking my path to perfect health. And I’m pretty sure healing comes from within. That’s not to say that daily vitamins wouldn’t help, but I’m changing how I think about how to feel physically good. Because I don’t think it’s all the ingredients in a vitamin as much as the ingredients in life.

Most of us are way ahead of the game because we can afford to eat. We have food and fresh water and even wine – that’s doing pretty well. We have shelter and heat and clothes and jobs – again that’s not too bad. Some of us are even fortunate enough to have unconditional love. No, it doesn’t always pay the bills but it certainly helps the soul. Throw some fun and laughter in and I’m betting that all beats a pill.

I just took my last handful of what I thought would change my life, but real change means making different choices. Then time will tell. Just like recovering from the flu, change takes its own time.

The Story of Love and Cable

One of the rarely discussed joys of a second marriage is cognizance. Being able to see things how they really are, not just how you hope they will be, is fantastic.

I especially love it when my friends who have been married to their original husbands for decades, share things like how Sir Husband and I will eventually tire of each other, want space in retirement, or my personal favorite – lose romance. I doubt it. We trudged through unhappiness to get to this point, it’s nothing but bliss ‘til eternity.

Married for several years now, we really only have one discrepancy. He wants enhanced cable TV, I am fine with bare basic. We both agree on no DVR, but he likes to have a choice of 70 channels, although he only watches five. What’s the issue you ask?

It’s expensive. The price point for cable TV is so high that it’s a questionable at best expense…to me anyway. To him it’s a pretty big deal. We aren’t a His/Hers type of marriage, we are united on most every front. But when it comes to this line item, it trumps even more useful-type things. Like vitamins. To me health comes before channels, but to him more channels helps health.

A year or so ago, I joined a team that sells what may be the most expensive vitamins on the planet, but are unmatched in purity and effectiveness. To be on the team we must purchase a monthly supply of the vitamins, which after trying them was fine, we noticed a marked improvement in how we feel. But then we ran into some home repairs that put a big dent in our budget. It came down to vitamins or cable, and the standoff continued for weeks.

It needs to be equal footing of course, but why not in my footsteps? If he just comes over to my way of seeing that cable is not all that, cognizance will prevail. Just kidding of course, our footing is both equal and fine. The real issue at hand is lack, and moving past our personal definitions of it. Lack can tug at your soul, and shadow the abundance you have.

We both came from marriages where love wasn’t real and truth was obscure, but money was plentiful. In fact, I think I had a thousand channels back in my other life and I didn’t understand it then, what’s the draw to excessive TV? So the money status of our marital pasts pokes at our psyches. Now we have nothing but real, honest love, and a much tighter belt on the budget. Choosing our expenditures carefully is a bit like learning to dance.

Who takes the lead? Whose toes get stepped on? And why are we so tuned in to this feeling of lack? It’s easy to pinpoint some answers, although I think they run more deep. My ex was a gambler, his ex a manipulator, so lack can feel quite real. We then cling to things that matter to us, like our vitamins and cable TV.

But as much as they matter, they really don’t we decided, because we’re not lacking in what truly counts. Plenty of love, romance and cognizance. When we noticed the abundance we already have, the standoff was quickly resolved. Vitamins are replaceable and less channels are fine. We’ve mastered our perfect dance.

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